I'm a PhD Candidate in the UCLA Philosophy Department. I'm also assistant editor of History of Philosophy Quarterly.

I specialize in medieval and renaissance philosophy and the history and philosophy of logic.

My recent focus has been on late medieval discussions of linguistic ontology. Questions that guide my research include: What are words? How do words relate to the world, or to themselves? What explains the syntactic features of words? What are the identity conditions for words?

My dissertation, supervised by Brian Copenhaver and Calvin Normore, explores how these questions are addressed through the late medieval theories of modes of signifying (modi significandi) and material supposition (suppositio materialis), focusing on thinkers such as Thomas of Erfurt (late 13th – early 14th c.), William of Ockham (ca. 1287 – 1347), and Peter of Ailly (1351 – 1420).